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  • Nov
  • 17
  • 2017

Orthopedic Society

The monthly Madras Orthopedic Society hosts a gathering of all the Orthopedic surgeons in the city, who come together to be educated on the unique Orthopedic cases of the month. This months CME was held at SBJH and had a total of almost 60 Orthos!
  • Oct
  • 26
  • 2017

Joy of giving week

Director of SBJH- Dr.Ravi Subramanian-seen below at the NKT school in Mylapore, educating the youth on common medical knowledge like CPR, basic life support training, Bone health etc. this initiative is part of Chennai Volunteers- “Joy of giving week”. SBJH always emphasises the need to give back to the youth and society- and there is no better way than education.