Spinal Surgeries

SBJH employs state of the art advanced technology to treat fractures, scoliosis, degenerative disorders of the spine, failed back syndrome, disc prolapse, spinal injury, management of paraplegics and tetraplegics, etc. Discectomy is performed to remove part of an intervertebral disc, and done in cases herniated or slipped disc that is causing symptoms of pain and nerve irritation. SBJH specializes in micro-discectomy of the lumbar and cervical spine that shortens hospital stay and improves overall outcome.

Multidisciplinary consultation ensures that every patient receives a complete assessment and even the most complicated cases can be effectively handled.

At SBJH we offer you complete spine care with personalized solutions for your problems. We treat all conditions of spine like trauma, disc prolapse, listhesis, degenerative disc disease, tumors and deformity.

Our in-house physiotherapy department and Cryotherapy unit along with a fully dedicated Spinal Rehab Center provide appropriate treatment for persons suffering from chronic discogenic back pain.

With advancement in understanding of spine diseases and technology, we offer a wide range of surgeries which are safe and provide excellent results in patients requiring surgical treatment.